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    Common name: Fosetyl-al<img alt="" data-cke-saved-src="/Public/userfiles/images/三乙膦酸鋁(3).jpg" src="/Public/userfiles/images/三乙膦酸鋁(3).jpg" style="float: right;" "="" height="187" width="180">
    Registration certificate NO. of Fosetyl-Al tech: PD20070073
    Registration certificate NO. of Fosetyl-Al 80% WP: PD20070074
    Propertise: Fosety-Al technical is white powdery solid, decompose at 200℃.Solubility in water:120g/L at 20℃,Solubility in acetonitrile and propylene glycol:<800mg/L.Volatility: ignorable; Vapour pressure: 0.013 mPa at 25℃; Stable under the normal Storage condition; decompose under the alkalescent condition.
    Application: Fosety-Al is a phosphonate systemic fungicide that acts by inhibiting germination of spores or by blocking development of mycelium and sporulation.Fosety-Al is a broad-spectrum fungicide which can be rapidly absorbed through the plant leaves or roots, with translocation both acropetally and Specification for Fosetyl-Al tech

    Item Index
    Appearance white powder
    Active ingredient, %≥ 95
    Loss on dry,%≤ 1.0
    Phospfite(as Aluminum Phpsphite),%≤ 1.0

    Specification for Fosetyl-Al Wp:

    Item Index
    Apearance White or Off-white powder
    Active ingredient, %≥ 80.0
    Ph range 2.5-5.5
    Wetting time,seconds, ≤ 100
    Suspension , %≥ 85
    Phospfite(as Aluminum Phpsphite), %≤ 1.0
    Wet sieve test(325,mesh)%, ≥ 98

    Packing: In 25kgs plastic woven bag or small packages according to buyer's requirement

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